Squall Sponsors Lost On Radio Podcast

We are delighted to announce that Squall has become the sponsor of Lost On Radio, the new music Podcast from Right Chord Music.

The Podcast which started in 2011 champions incredible new and undiscovered music that has been ignored by radio or pushed to the late night fringes. Since it started the show has found listeners in over 150 different countries and featured artists from over 20 different countries.

As a proud sponsor of the Lost On Radio Podcast, Squall is helping distribute the show enabling Squall visitors to listen back to all previous episodes here. The Lost On Radio Podcast is available on all good Podcast players including aCast, Apple Music, entale, and Tunein Radio. The show is now also broadcast on MAD FM in New Zealand.

Show producers Right Chord Music will also be using Squall to identify and discover new music to feature on the Podcast. To be considered for the show, create your Squall artist submission today.

The Lost On Radio Playlist

As well as being a Podcast, Lost On Radio is also a growing Spotify playlist. Discover the best new music discovered by the Right Chord Music here.

Why Podcasts & Playlists Matter

Daytime radio is dominated by major label artists. Consequently as an unsigned band or independent artist it is incredibly difficult to secure day time radio play-listing.

Hiring a radio plugger is expensive and for unsigned artists the cost frequently outweighs the returns. Faced with these challenges Spotify provides a powerful and credible alternative way for unsigned artists to build buzz and earn an income.

Although landing a place on an official Spotify playlist can have a dramatic impact on your income, competition is fierce. Therefore, getting your music on independent Podcasts and Playlists like Lost On Radio can provide a vital stepping stone to build online buzz.

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