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Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Squall is a new service from Right Chord Music that has been created in response to the needs of musicians and the changing promotional landscape. While friends have always influenced our choices, now influencers are becoming our friends. Squall utilises this insight to promote music using word of mouth discovery. Get started.

The biggest challenge remains being heard

The rise of digital channels and social media was meant to help musicians find an audience, but for many, the abundance of content choices has made standing out even harder. The biggest challenge facing artists remains being heard.

After running the Right Chord Music blog for 8 years, founder Mark Knight knows you don’t need a record label to produce incredible music, but the way we promote unsigned music needs to change.

“I find it ridiculous that the music industry is still telling unsigned bands they need radio, press and live to succeed. The dominance of major label artists in these channels means unsigned artists never generate the sustained reach or frequency required to break through. Unsigned artists spend thousands chasing radio pluggers and pr companies before inevitably running out of money and being forced to quit”.

Squall builds on this approach by cutting out the PR middle men and democratising music promotion. Squall provides a platform for artists to connect and pay social media influencers to promote their music to a large engaged audience. Following the promotion, artists rate the quality and value of the promotion they receive to help other artists decide who to work with.

Sign up for Squall

Squall is now inviting registrations from artists and social influencers (Defined as anyone with more than 3,000 followers). Registration is free.

About Right Chord Music

Right Chord Music was established in 2010 to help champion incredible new music from around the world. The Right Chord Music family now includes the RCM blog (Ranked in the top 10 UK music blogs and websites) The Lost On Radio Podcast, Major Labl management consultancy and creative services, Squall and Live Music Session TV

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