How To Pitch Your Music To Squall Social Influencers?

Squall provides a platform for unsigned bands and independent artists to connect directly with social media influencers to get their music heard by more people, more often. But how do you ensure your pitch cuts through? Mark Knight, Founder of Squall, provides some best practice principles.


We are visual people, and unfortunately most people do judge a book by it's cover! I've been running an unsigned music blog for 10 years and I can predict with about 90% accuracy whether I will love music simply by looking at the accompanying artwork. So ensure the image that accompanies your submission does you justice. Upload a high quality professional image, a photo of you, your single, EP, or album artwork works best. Submissions without an image are often ignored or can be removed, we have standards to up-keep!

About The Release

This is your chance to pitch your music to influencers, so make it interesting, compelling and thumb-stopping. Why should they promote your music? What is your story, what is the story of your track, EP or album. Take it from me there is nothing exciting about "unknown unsigned artist releases new single" Give me a reason to care, and a reason to get excited to support you.

Make It Easy To Listen

Squall allows you to embed your music in your submission. This is a vital part of your pitch and you need to make it easy for influencers to check out your music. If you are asking them to click and leave Squall to visit an external site to listen, they probably won't and your chances of promotion will be lost. We recommend embedding a Spotify player as you can now share music from Spotify to Instagram Stories in just three clicks, and our Squall influencers love Instagram Stories.

We provide simple step by step instructions to help you embed Spotify or Soundcloud music players within the submission form, so please take your time to get this right, it really could make the difference between getting and not getting promotion from our influencers.

Music Link

In addition to your music player we also give you an option to provide social influencers with a music link. We would recommend providing your Spotify Artist Link, this link allows them to check out more of your music and find out more about you.

Working Social Links

When new audiences discover your music through social influencer posts, you want to ensure they can quickly click working links to discover more about your and your music. Please ensure all of the social links you provided as part of your Squall artist profile are working and correct.

Uploading A Press Kit

Squall allows you to upload extra supporting information, this could include more photos, a press release, the track mp3 or .WAV file or even short-form video content for the Squall influencers to use in their promotion. If you choose to include this additional information make sure you make it clear what is available to influencers, if they have to download the file to find out, they probably won't!

Do Your Research

Before accepting an offer from a Squall social influencer, make sure you have visited their Squall profile and their social channels. For each of the channels included in the offer. Consider:

  • Relevance of their content to music and your genre of music

  • The number of followers

  • Click on previous posts to check engagement rates

At the end of each job Squall artists are asked to rate the promo received from their Squall influencers, so look out for their Squall star rating which covers. Quality, Speed & Value.

Communicate With Your Squall Influencer

Squall provides a chat bot to allow you to communicate directly with your Squall social influencer. Use this function to ensure you understand exactly what will be included in the offer before hitting accept.

Support Fellow Artists With Future Pitches

After your Squall social influencer has completed their work for you make sure you rate their work. This provides vital information to other artists within the Squall community and allows them to make more informed decisions over who to work with in the future.

About Squall

Squall are part of the Right Chord Music family of companies. Mark Knight, the founder of Right Chord Music has over 10 years experience as an artist manager. His work with The Daydream Club was recognised with a nomination for best Digital Campaign at the Music Ally Awards (The only unsigned artist to be nominated). The Daydream Club have achieved over 90,000,000 Spotify streams and are now financially sustainable from their music. 

Squall was conceived to help get music heard by more people, more often. It's free to join and you only pay for guaranteed promotion. To become a Squall influencer you need at least 3,000 followers on either Instagram or Twitter. Join today.

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