Being A Squall Music Influencer

With influence comes responsible. In this article Squall Founder Mark Knight explains how Squall influencers can improve their ratings and deliver more value to the musicians they are promoting.


Artists want their music promoted by people who love to share music. They will naturally check out your channels before accepting your offers so if they only see selfies and no mention of music, they will see less value in your offer. Remember artists will always see more value in permanent promotion on your feed than 24 hours in your story. So if you love it, show your commitment to promote it.


Artists want influencers that have taken the time to listen to their music and consider their needs. Influencers who blindly send generic offers to multiple artists are quickly found out and are unlikely to do well on Squall.


Remember your audience, most Squall musicians are unsigned, self released or released through independent labels. Money is tight. Before making an offer, ask yourself two questions: “Would I pay for this promotion? And does this promotion represent good value?” Squall provides a recommended fee based on your offer, reach and relevance. The chances of having an offer accepted will be greatly increased if you follow the suggested offer price. It’s better to get a few offers accepted at a lower price, build your reputation and then increase prices over time.


After each promotion is complete artists will rate your work, think of this as your Uber rating. Influencers with higher ratings will naturally get more work, so it pays to always do your best and over deliver.


Squall is a community that runs on trust. Artists pay influencers before work has been completed and therefore will expect to see work delivered on time as promised. If you can’t fulfil the promo in the time outlined in your offer then use the Chat Box in Squall to let them know.


The best promotion comes from the heart and it’s easy to see which social influencers have taken the time to customise their promotion to match the needs of the artists. Take time to understand what artists what you to share, do they want you to promote their Spotify, YouTube or SoundCloud is it a single, EP or album? Consider which of your social channels is best suited to support their needs.

Links & Tags

The best promotion makes it simple for your followers to discover new music. Time the time to ensure you have tagged the artist correctly in every post and include links so your followers can quickly and easily discover the music you are endorsing.

About Squall

Squall are part of the Right Chord Music family of companies. Mark Knight, the founder of Right Chord Music has over 10 years experience as an artist manager. His work with The Daydream Club was recognised with a nomination for best Digital Campaign at the Music Ally Awards (The only unsigned artist to be nominated). The Daydream Club have achieved over 90,000,000 Spotify streams and are now financially sustainable from their music. 

Squall was conceived to help get music heard by more people, more often. It's free to join and you only pay for guaranteed promotion. To become a Squall influencer you need at least 3,000 followers on either Instagram or Twitter. Join today.

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