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  • Each Squall submission is open for 30 days, so only submit music that is released and ready for sharing

  • Squall can be used to promote new releases or back catalogue. Read more on our blog

  • You can create as many submissions as you want for free, so put your catalogue to work

  • You will receive an email when you receive an offer, check your spam if you aren't receiving them and save our address

  • Use the Chat Box to ask your influencer questions or negotiate a better price, don't be too quick to reject! 

  • Look for the influencer star rating as a further guide based on the quality, value and spend of previous work

  • Help other Squall musicians by rating the influencers you work with 

  • If you have over 3,000 followers on Instagram or Twitter you can also register as a Squall Influencer and earn money

NB: Squall provides the platform for you to connect, but is not responsible for the output of the influencer, so ensure you understand the offer before accepting. Squall is not liable for the decisions you make.

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