Create your profile highlighting your social influence


Review submitted music and make offers to artists you want to promote


If your offer is accepted you get paid and get to work


Tag artist in social pages and get rated for your work


  • Use our price index as a guide when making offers, you will see it on the login page
  • You don't need to be a music blogger to get involved, we welcome any form of influencer

  • Discover music by genre or filter by Right Chord Music editorial ratings

  • Before submitting any offers please ensure you have carefully read each submission

  • Squall takes 10% commission on every approved project

  • Payment is made to your PayPal account as soon as your offer is accepted. You can sign up for PayPal here

  • After each project we invite the musician to rate your work, so it pays to do a great job

Six simple ways to promote music you find on Squall

  1. Dance to their music in TikTok

  2. Create an Instagram Story of you talking about their music 

  3. Share a link to their Spotify profile in your Instagram Story, learn how to share music in just three clicks

  4. Use their music as the soundtrack to a YouTube, TikTok or Instagram video

  5. Tweet about the artists including a link to their music

Improving your chances of success

  • Read each artist submission carefully to understand what the artist is promoting

  • Personalise your messages and show interest in their music

  • Avoid fake hype, artists will visit your social pages and look at your reach and engagement, it's obvious when you have fake followers 

  • Use your biog to highlight your interest in music, Influencers who post music content will attract more work

  • Always tag the artists you're promoting in social posts to show your work 

  • If you are an influencer that also makes music, you can also register as a Squall Musician

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